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Thank You

I rely on the support of many people to keep Hoffy’s World and its relations running.  If it was not for these people none of this would continue, and I am ever grateful to them.

  • Of Course, my family who provide me a home, see to my wellness, and support what I’m doing regardless of the strange noises from the basement.
  • My friends.  You may be few in number, but you are the best.
  • My Son, who inspires me every day to keep moving forward.

but these people below on the Wall of Honor, who have no obligation, but the kindness to support my efforts through Patreon hold a special place in my heart.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a wonderful service which allows YOU the wonderful people who keep me doing the neat little things I do, to contribute to my efforts.  Your support helps me keep Hoffy’s World and all its attached media, projects, etc. free flowing.  Your kind support will allow me to do even more to make this site, videos, projects that much better.  Being a disabled fellow and recently returned bachelor, I run this site and my quiet little basement workshop on a very fine shoe string, and yes I do struggle sometimes to keep it running.  This site, my projects, and my enjoyment of sharing the things I do is very important to me.  So, if you can spare a few to help me keep the ball moving forward believe me the slightest little bit is appreciated.  Click the “Become a Patron” link below and read up more on how Patreon works and what your support can help with.  Thanks!

The Hoffy’s World, Wall of Honor