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All Tracks Halted – Why My Model Rail Hobby Has Stalled

Ever since I was little, trains have always been in my life.  My Grand Father loved his trains, and though he only brought them out for Christmas I always looked forward to them.  My Parents and I would also go on day trips in the summer which frequently passed through Strasburg & Reading Pennsylvania, Continue reading

Washing Styrene Model Kit Parts with Dish Detergent

I pulled this model kit out this evening and I remembered my friend Ron Pare with The Modeler’s Guild once did a video on washing parts to remove the mold release used in the injection molding process.    Recalling this information I decided to go about washing the parts of this kit for later assembly.Continue reading

After Paint Panogram

Painting the Surface and Sides of The Railroad Shelves

This afternoon I got the fortitude together to a some painting on the railroad project shelves.  I still have one area to paint but I decided not to as I still have construction ongoing below it.  This area is not shown below.

Before Painting:

I started by masking the Continue reading

All The Trimmings

Not my best of carpentry work, but it won’t look too bad after a little filling and paint, time to relax, and maybe work on some more coding.

Who Wood-a Thought

Well, the first official action of model railroad construction commenced this evening with the fitting of the first board in two years.  Now to some you may say big deal. but for those who have been following me for years will understand that this is indeed a REALLY big deal. Yah Me!!

USB to RS485 BUS Adapter

RS485 Adapter

I received the USB to RS485 Transceiver this afternoon I need to start my control wiring for my model railroad project.  The reason I have chosen to use RS485 as a communications network is because of its ability to span great distance than a traditional “Serial” connection.  I only prefer it over CAN because I have an abundance of the hardware for this.

USB to RS485 BUS Adapter

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Back on “Track”

It is hard for me to comprehend that it has been two years since I have done anything worth wild with my model railroad project.  It is even more baffling that I have been toying with this in various forms for 8 years and have yet to have a completed functional layout.

Now that life has seemed to return to a level of normal I have been starting to set the game plan back in motion.  It will still be quite some time before a train starts rolling again, and much wiring to be done.  Several areas of the layout have been subjected to piles of various odds and ends.

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