Choices, Right or Wrong – Life in Retrospect

I find myself doing a lot of back thinking about my past choices here lately.  Wondering deeply where I would be if I had just taken a chance, or did the wrong thing for a change.  “The Wrong Thing” now there is an interesting concept.  I never thought I would ever find myself in the position of realizing that the right things were actually the wrong in the long run.

I’ve learned a lot of insight on things I overlooked and hints and signals missed that I now realize were opening doors I just walked right past. Continue reading


My Journey of Embracing The Values I Left Behind

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I’ve made a lot of concessions and compromises in my values over the years.  Recently, I have been doing a lot of thinking about my life in the grand scheme of things.  I find myself wondering about, Where would I be if I had continued my original course?  Where would I be if I had listened more to myself and less to other influences?

I have started down many roads.  These roads though not traveled for very Continue reading

open writing

Open Writing – My New Therapy of Self Peace

It should be pretty apparent that I have seriously started writing again regularly.  I originally set out to write multiple posts a day but found myself exhausting to develop topics.  Instead, I have now decided to at least write one post in my General Blog Column every day.  I decided that the topic needs to come from my heart and mind at the time and not be premeditated.  The reason behind this new open writing style is I find a strong sense of internal release when I do.  I am someone who especially over the last year has suffered intensely with anxiety and depression.  I’m finding this to be very therapeutic for me on both counts.

I have received some great feedback and supportContinue reading

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Why I’m Not a Perfect Person and Satisfied With It

I’m not a perfect person.  Frankly, anyone who thinks they are has to be flawed in some aspect just to even believe it themselves.  I’ve trudged through this life so far believing that hard work, playing by the rules, and earning money would bring happiness.  I have since learned that there is Continue reading

Getting Good at Getting Knocked Down

Knocked Down

I have come to realize this week that the one overwhelming skill I have developed is standing up.  I don’t think I can count on my hands and toes combined how many times I have been knocked down.  By knocked down, I mean being derailed from a goal or purpose, or sidelined because of health issues.Continue reading

The Hoffy’s Workshop YouTube Show

As a reader of my blogs here at Hoffy’s World, you might be unaware of my other project I am doing on Youtube and the Sister Website Continue reading

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Organization with Project Boards and Trays

Using Project Boards and Trays to Aid Organization of Projects

I have always had a problem with keeping projects organized.  I’ll move one project out-of-the-way in order to work on something else, and the next thing I know something is missing.  It has been quite some time since I have had the need but I recently have began using my project board method of organization again.    For smaller projects I have trays that are used specifically for holding onto these as well.  In this article I will share these items and how I use them to keep things straight.

What is a Project Board?

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Common Core Math

As a student in my elementary school years I had a very difficult time catching on to math.  As a parent of a child who also had a rough time on this topic, homework time felt a lot like the old Abbott & Costello sketch about 7 into 28.  My parents struggled to get me to understand math their way, the schools way, but it was not until middle school when I met a teacher you processed things the same way as myself did I catch on and understand.Continue reading

Postin’ Ain’t Easy

You may think as I have in the past, hey! I can write I think I will start a blog.  Well I will tell you when you have a wandering as I do it is not an easy task to focus on one topic at a time and buckle down to write about it.  It takes a lot of disciple to write regularly.  I have a daily goal I will be starting this week to write three blog posts a day.  Three a day? well you have to remember that this blog and my show Hoffy’s Workshop are whatContinue reading

Am I just getting Old?

I find myself wondering if my perceptions of younger generations is a matter of a loss of common sense and work ethic on thier part or simply the fact that I am getting older and am less tolerant to some things.  It seems to be that the concept I grew up on that a Man’s word was golden has turned into a whatever you want to hear so you go away and leave me alone mindset.

I work very hard to not be that grumpy old guy, to understand more modern views than my own, and to not immediately pass judgements on those younger than myself.  I have visited many places over the last few weeks in the shopping world from fast food to big box stores,  though there have been exceptions to the greater observation I felt like I was dealing with mindless drones who lacked the ability of polite conversation.  An example, I tried to warn a fast food window attendant that heavy rain was coming very soon, I was met with a blank look like I was talking to a porcelain doll about world peace.

At another stop while picking up a reserved order from another store, the cashier was so captivated by my last name ‘Hofmeister’ they actually had the fortitude to say, “Is that really your name? It sounds like some cheesy 80’s Name”.  I have to say I’m not a violent person, but I did visualize reaching across the counter.

Jumping back a few years, I was out to lunch with my family during a road trip.  We stopped at a nationally franchised Pizza restaurant which will remain nameless.  They had buffalo wings on the menu, so I order some to accompany my pizza.  Later into our meal the waitress asked how our meal was.  Jokingly I said I was disappointed that the Buffalo Wings were not made of real buffalo.  She Exclaimed, “Oh, I’m So Sorry Sir, I’ll go talk to the cook” and bolted to the kitchen before I could even explain.  Needless to say, a burst of laughter came from the kitchen and we ended up with a new waitress.

I just can’t understand how people can become to detached from thought and still function.  I know, It probably is the fact I’m getting older but it still should not be this easy to confuse people.