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The Big Stall – The Year End Retrospective

It occurred to me yesterday during an annual holiday visit from my Aunt and Uncle that I have not posted in darn near a month.  I have had no concept of this extended time lapse with this stall.  There has been many unexpected roadblocks and detours through November.  A family medical crisis, and the occasional drag-down fatigue and sleep disruption I contend with as a result of my own ailments have been the large contributing factors.

I have also recently been considering that I may have my nuts scattered a little too far from the basket.  I have been struggling to gather topics and material for The Hoffy’s Workshop Show, and have been considering melding it back into my blog for the purpose of consolidation.  This is not a final decision though.  I think if I bring everything back together this kind of stall might reduce.

The other matter is that some of my supply lines for materials on theContinue reading

Guaifenesin & Lymphedema – A Self Study – Part 3

The Guaifenesin study has pretty much fizzled out.  Up to a few week ago I had not seen any noticeable effect.  This should not discount the validity of the claim though.  I have had lymphedema for a very long time, so I was not expecting amazing results.  Someone who is fresh to the disease, or nowhere near as advanced as I am might find adequate results from this therapy.  The parameters were also mucked up by a sudden and unexpected family medical crisis that increased my activity levels well beyond their typical balance.  All is well now though.

This will be a topic again later this coming year, hopefully, life will allow a balanced period of time to explore it closer.  I encourage anyone who has been doing their own exploration to by all means share your exploration, either through a comment here or through our own resources.  Knowledge about any advantage against this disease is priceless information that needs to spread like a wildfire.

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