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All Tracks Halted – Why My Model Rail Hobby Has Stalled

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Ever since I was little, trains have always been in my life.  My Grand Father loved his trains, and though he only brought them out for Christmas I always looked forward to them.  My Parents and I would also go on day trips in the summer which frequently passed through Strasburg & Reading Pennsylvania, and the many museums and attractions built around railroading.  I even spent many a cold winters day at my friend’s house playing on the floor with his Lionel Set.  So, I guess a model rail hobby of some form was bound to come about.

I have now for quite some time been working to build a model railroad in my basement workshop.  I originally set out on as a project for my (at the time) elementary school-aged Son and me to work on.  But, as is common with his generation, video games and electronics posed too high of a temptation to keep his focus on the hobby.  I don’t hold it against him, as he has developed some skill sets I do not have as a result.

Now, I could have given up on my model rail endeavors, torn everything down and said the heck with it, but no, it still exists dormant awaiting some love.  Why has this project stalled? Well, not by choice that’s for sure.  I recently concluded going through an unexpected divorce which has left me in a less than a desirable financial state.  With no money to purchase necessary items such as track and wire, I have had to scale back my focus on my model rail activities (pardon the scale pun).  Oh rest assured I am not giving up on it, I still have plenty that can be done without spending a dime.  It’s just going to be quite some time before trains begin to roll again.  I also have plenty I can write about too as I blow the dust off of things.

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