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Open Writing – My New Therapy of Self Peace

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It should be pretty apparent that I have seriously started writing again regularly.  I originally set out to write multiple posts a day but found myself exhausting to develop topics.  Instead, I have now decided to at least write one post in my General Blog Column every day.  I decided that the topic needs to come from my heart and mind at the time and not be premeditated.  The reason behind this new open writing style is I find a strong sense of internal release when I do.  I am someone who especially over the last year has suffered intensely with anxiety and depression.  I’m finding this to be very therapeutic for me on both counts.

I have received some great feedback and support from people through social media who have been reading.  I will always welcome your thoughts even if you disagree with me.  Everyone has the right to their personal opinions.  It would be deeply unfair to share my opinion and not listen to yours as well good or bad.  I originally started out to write a journal, and actually had begun to write a book.  Neither of these quite felt right to me though. The journal aspect was a  bit too closed door.  The book may still happen, but that is a far way off yet.

I won’t guarantee that all my open writing will be happy or have a silver lining, but I strive to remain upbeat and end on a positive note.  I want to potentially help and inspire people who might feel the same as I do.  but, after all, this is my soapbox so the time may come to speak more sternly.

I’m finding that through this writing my self-confidence is improving.  I just need to apply it more with public interactions.  I might start including video or audio along with these posts as well.  If anything maybe to help loosen my shell.  Granted, I have “The Hoffy’s Workshop Show“.  But, that is prescripted and predesigned by topic.

As I mentioned before, I welcome your input.  So, send me a message through my contact page, or leave your comments below.  Of course, you can comment on this blog through social media as well.

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