Photo Shoot at University of MD Upper Chesapeake Health

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Hoffy and Kyle Relax at Photo Shoot

Kyle and Hoffy Hangin’ Loose relaxing before Photo Shoot. Photo by: Kyle Hofmeister

Hangin’ Loose at Photo Shoot

Location: University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health Bel Air Campus

Kyle and Hoffy are hanging loose relaxing before a photo shoot.  Hoffy will be featured in an article promoting the new Lymphedema Treatment Program.

The programs are offered at the Medical Campuses in Bel Air, MD and Havre de Grace, MD.  There is a smaller satellite program at the physical therapy clinic in the Abingdon, MD YMCA as well.

“I am a patient of this wonderful program,” says Hoffy.  “Many go undiagnosed, or underdiagnosed with this disease, and this new resource will fill a vital need to the community, as well serve as a compliment to the programs of the Kaufman Cancer Center at the Bel Air Campus.” Hoffy Continued.

Hoffy Explains, “Though my Lymphedema is not connected to cancer, there are many who develop {Secondary Lymphedema} following cancer treatment, surgery, or traumatic injury.”

The article will be out later in the winter and will be cross-promoted through this blog as well.

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