Busy Week of Recording

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Mercy, what a busy week it has been with recording for The Hoffy’s Workshop Show.  Despite the numerous delays and technical difficulties, we have learned a lot of new tips and tricks to speed up future production.  This weekend we will be hard at it finishing up the remaining recording sessions needed to complete the episode.  We will be burning the midnight oil this weekend to complete editing and final production with the strong hopes of a Monday evening release.

The hardest lesson we have learned in this process is beside the upgrades and changes we have made with our recording equipment, we are in dire need of better and more advanced equipment to reach the quality we really wish to attain.  It is our hope that our viewers will like the direction we will be heading in with this relaunch season and will find it of a quality worthy of supporting through our Patreon.  Your support is what will help us grow this production, and your feedback and ideas will help us produce the kind of content you want to see.


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