My Journey of Embracing The Values I Left Behind

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I’ve made a lot of concessions and compromises in my values over the years.  Recently, I have been doing a lot of thinking about my life in the grand scheme of things.  I find myself wondering about, Where would I be if I had continued my original course?  Where would I be if I had listened more to myself and less to other influences?

I have started down many roads.  These roads though not traveled for very Continue reading


Pain – The Common Question About Lymphedema

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This article is a from the blog column Living With Lymphedema written by Steve “Hoffy” Hofmeister

The most common question I receive about my Lymphedema or “Milroy’s Disease” is Does It Hurt?  I commonly answer no, as definitions vary on the perception of pain.  Now, my view is not inclusive of all Lymphedema sufferers.  The correct question I suppose in my case is, Do you experience pain as a result of your Lymphedema?  In the case of this question then I would have to answer yes.  You may be asking what is the difference in these questions. Continue reading


Coding Decoding – Lost Skills of Time

I have spent the last few days working on a coding project for the Arduino micro controller.  I can not believe how much knowledge you lose on a particular language or series of language structures when you have not used them regularly in like two years.  It has been very frustrating for me to run into brick walls and glitches I once could have solved with ease.  I am not using this to become discouraged however, I am trying to rediscover my enjoyment during the process of re-learning.  Trial and error I suppose, but I am refusing to shelf yet another project in an incomplete status.

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Open Writing – My New Therapy of Self Peace

It should be pretty apparent that I have seriously started writing again regularly.  I originally set out to write multiple posts a day but found myself exhausting to develop topics.  Instead, I have now decided to at least write one post in my General Blog Column every day.  I decided that the topic needs to come from my heart and mind at the time and not be premeditated.  The reason behind this new open writing style is I find a strong sense of internal release when I do.  I am someone who especially over the last year has suffered intensely with anxiety and depression.  I’m finding this to be very therapeutic for me on both counts.

I have received some great feedback and supportContinue reading

Writing to Release The Pent Up Steam That Has Built Up

I have literally vented a whole lot of steam today.  It is amazing that my keyboard is not glowing or that it has melted keys from the amount of writing I’ve done this morning alone.  I need to start waking up early more often it seems to be when my brain is in writing mode.  Not all of it I shared through here, but I sure pounded Facebook hard.  I have had a lot on my mind in regards to my personal life, and I let it loose without regrets early this morning.  Hopefully, from here on out I can write more cheerful topics than the misery that has been my life.

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Why I’m Not a Perfect Person and Satisfied With It

I’m not a perfect person.  Frankly, anyone who thinks they are has to be flawed in some aspect just to even believe it themselves.  I’ve trudged through this life so far believing that hard work, playing by the rules, and earning money would bring happiness.  I have since learned that there is Continue reading

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Explaining Lymphedema To A Child (or anyone)

Explaining Lymphedema To A Child (or anyone)

You hear about the Immune System and how it keeps you well and fighting illness.  But a lot of people do not understand the connection it has with the Lymphatic System.  I have developed this child-friendly explanation over the years on how the Immune System and Lymphatic System work together as well as the disease Lymphedema.

Having grown up with this disease since age 8 I have had to explain it to people many times.  Both during childhood and in adulthood I have Continue reading

Milroy Was Here – Milroy’s Disease

As I lay here awake at 4 AM suffering from another sleepless session of rest.  I thought I would share with you some information I’ve learned.  After 30 some years of having to explain Lymphedema in detail I’ve learned it has a more classy name.  Well, at least in the variant I deal with, It’s called Milroy’s Disease.  Which I have to admit Milroy’s Disease sounds much less miserable than Chronic Idiopathic Lymphedema.  

It has one of those pretty fancy ribbon colors too it’s a sky bluish turquoise kinda color.  Not that it makes things any better.  But hey, at least maybe it will get the attention it needs now.  Look at all the marketing, attention, and promotion that goes into Cancer, Autism, Etc.  This kind of awareness promotion has brought great changes to the fight of these ailments.  None of which should be set above the other, they all need dedicated attention.

I just think it is time for Lymphedema in all it’s forms to be recognized as a serious medical issue too.  Of all the systems and functions of the human body the Lymphatic System does not get the credit it deserves.

Hands Off, said The Universe. no work today

Ok Universe,  I hear you loud and clear now.  I’m not meant to be productive today.  I understand your signal of everything I touch breaking or malfunctioning.  Just allow me to sit here quietly playing a game for the rest of the day and I promise I won’t do anything to disrupt your cycle for me again.

The Throb of Misery Headache

I have been hiding for this most part this weekend as I have been suffering from a headache of proportions I have not had in a very long time.  I would dare to say a hangover would have been more tolerant than what I just experienced.

But, I am better now and have another writing bug setting in.  Hopefully this time I can keep a constant flow of writing going as I intended previously.