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Production of the Return Season Continues for Hoffy’s Workshop

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Production & Recording Continues

We are fully underway with theThe Hoffy's Workshop Show final planning and recording phases of the first episode.  The production of the return “Season #2” has been slowed by a lot of technical issues and need to upgrade.  These upgrades have been made the best we can do on a shoe string.  We had hoped to bring The Hoffy’s Workshop Show back as a live show with direct audience interaction.  The hardware we use, bandwidth considerations, and other factors however restrict us from doing so at this time.  We are hoping to finish production within the next two weeks with a goal of sooner instead of later.

New Things to Come

We have some great things being considered for this restart season for The Hoffy’s Workshop Show.   We hope you enjoy our efforts.  Some new faces appear on the production team, and some new show segments are being discussed that we hope will take things to a new level.  We will also explain about the shows new affiliation with The Creative Vision Media Network. So, check back often as we kick the tires and grease the spokes in our efforts to bring this show back to life like never before.

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