Fatigue Symptoms Related to Lymphedema

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There is a great deal of debate among sufferers and professionals alike about fatigue.  The primary question being can Lymphedema be a trigger source for fatigue.  Well, I don’t know the official opinion on it but I sure know where I stand on the topic.

Being a person who has had Lymphedema now for 30 some years.  I for certain believe that fatigue is a major player in Lymphedema.  As a matter of fact, as I write this article I am buried under blankets; awake in mind but totally drained in body.  I slept a full 9 hours overnight, but feel like I could sleep 12 more.

Fatigue The “Get Up, are you going to stay in bed all day?” Curse

Friends and Family say, “Get Up, are you going to stay in bed all day?”  Well, some days that’s what I’d like to do.  My time though laying as I am now is no pleasure cruise.  The ache I feel from my toes to my hips is miserable, and there is not enough blankets or socks on the planet to warm my feet.  It’s not a simple take a “pain pill” photo - pills and get on with the day ache it penetrates right through the bones.  Taking anything short of narcotic is useless, and narcotic pain medications make me groggy anyway so there is little advantage as I see it.  Best I can do myself is ride it out and do what I can while doing so.

I did wander to the kitchen to eat breakfast but I was quickly back to the warmth of my bed.  Once I get my legs to warm I will get going on the tasks at hand.  I have learned over time not to “rush the horse” it only makes things worse by raising my chances of inflammation and/or infection.

It also has its mental aspects as well.  It is difficult to concentrate when your aching.  I’ve taken three 15 minute breaks so far writing this article alone.  It is because of these uncertain days I had to stop working, and I loved working my job.

ShowerSo here we are now two hours later and I’m back to writing again.  I am now up showered, fed, and outside at my picnic table with laptop.  This means it has taken me four hours to reach the point of functional.  So, yes if you ask me if fatigue is a major aspect of Lymphedema I firmly believe it is.  I hope this article sheds some more light into my life with Lymphedema.

I’m working on what will be a more graphic and less fuzzy article with plenty of photos.  If you’re a person sensitive to unpleasant photos I would urge you consider refraining from reading.  If you drop me a message I would be glad to send you a text only version without the vividness.

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