After Paint Panogram

Painting the Surface and Sides of The Railroad Shelves

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This afternoon I got the fortitude together to a some painting on the railroad project shelves.  I still have one area to paint but I decided not to as I still have construction ongoing below it.  This area is not shown below.

Before Painting:

I started by masking the area off with this nifty plastic as you see hanging under the shelves.  This stuff is great for purposes like this or for even covering tables.  It has blue painters tape on one side so you can stick it and then pull it down to open into a plastic drop cloth as you can see.  It comes in a roll, sorry though I used it all so I don’t have a photo of the roll.

painting unpainted shelfpainting unpainted shelfpainting unpainted shelf

bench brush

Bench Brush

After putting up this plastic I removed the Modules (T-Trak Style) off of the shelves I brushed them down with a bench brush I purchased from my local tool supply store.  This removed any loose debris that had accumulated over time under the modules.

Before Paint Panogram

Before Paint

After Painting:

painted shelf - painting painted shelf - painting painted shelf - painting painted shelf - painting

After painting as you can see things look a little less patchwork.  I chose this light brown color because of its neutral tone.  I wanted to stay with a neutral color so the shelves did not detract from the trains and scenery work when the time comes.  For my particular friends who may be pointing at the brown on the blue backdrop, I know about it, and the blue will be getting a repaint as you may notice the color difference near the bend of the backdrop in the top two photos.

Normally I would have filled the noticeable cracks, but being that the modules hide these when in place I really did not see the point.  Once the paint dries I will be putting the modules back in place and deciding which direction to go next with the project.

After Paint Panogram

After Paint

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