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Organization with Project Boards and Trays

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Using Project Boards and Trays to Aid Organization of Projects

I have always had a problem with keeping projects organized.  I’ll move one project out-of-the-way in order to work on something else, and the next thing I know something is missing.  It has been quite some time since I have had the need but I recently have began using my project board method of organization again.    For smaller projects I have trays that are used specifically for holding onto these as well.  In this article I will share these items and how I use them to keep things straight.

What is a Project Board?

Being I do projects with electronics, wires, and bread boards it is not always practical to disconnect things in order to move them.  I usually have a substantial amount of cardboard about.

Typical Breadboard Project Photo

This Project (W.A.R.P.) is a typical dual bread board project for me.  I have already removed the USB cables.

For this project I cut a nice piece of double reinforced cardboard, About 15 Inches x 22 Inches. This is the ideal size for my work spaces.  Using duct tape I rolled tubes of tape sticky side out about 1/2 an inch in diameter.   I placed them under the bread boards and the Arduino Mega shown in the center.  Duct tape works good as it is sticky enough to hold these items in place but easy enough to remove.


The two bread boards in this particular project are connected using CAT5 Cable (or Ethernet Cable).   In the photo to the left the project is connected to several feet of CAT5.  I cut a shorter piece of CAT5 for connecting up on the project board.  Now that I have these items mounted I also taped the USB cables needed to the board as well.  This way I will not need to hunt for them later.

Project Board Photo

Same project mounted onto a piece of cardboard

What Kind of Trays Do I Use?

Photo: Simple Plastic Trays for organization

I bought these trays at my local department store in the housewares section.





I bought these trays in the housewares section of one of the local big name department stores.  To my recollection I believe they were only $1.00 USD a piece which is what made them ideal.  They are usually used for organizing silverware and kitchen stuffs.  You will see me use these in many ways over time.  I have other containers with lids as well, but these are the most common ones I use.

I especially like these for items that have been glued and need to dry as they can be cross stacked and still get ample airflow.









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