Postin’ Ain’t Easy

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You may think as I have in the past, hey! I can write I think I will start a blog.  Well I will tell you when you have a wandering as I do it is not an easy task to focus on one topic at a time and buckle down to write about it.  It takes a lot of disciple to write regularly.  I have a daily goal I will be starting this week to write three blog posts a day.  Three a day? well you have to remember that this blog and my show Hoffy’s Workshop are what I do.  Three a day will allow me to schedule the blog posts to release at a later date and build a reserve.  The reserve will give me the ability to write and work on my projects as well.  I figure three a day, I can occasionally take a day or two away from the keyboard as there will be enough of an overlap that you “The Reader” would never realize.  It’s not about deceiving you, but more about budgeting my time to bring you better content.

Why on earth would I expose the magic behind the curtain as it were?  Well, because I think it’s important to in order to inspire others, and that is the core purpose behind this blog site.  I’ve had this Hoffy’s World Blog for many years now and have tried many different variations of it.


I have however never really took the writing aspect as seriously as I could.  I just shot from the hip reporting here and there on my various escapades and sharing my project of the time.  I have decided that regular writing would not only be better for the blog itself but become a very therapeutic use of my idle time.  I’m always open to topics or to start discussion on topics, so if you got any ideas I am always willing to listen.


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