Am I just getting Old?

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I find myself wondering if my perceptions of younger generations is a matter of a loss of common sense and work ethic on thier part or simply the fact that I am getting older and am less tolerant to some things.  It seems to be that the concept I grew up on that a Man’s word was golden has turned into a whatever you want to hear so you go away and leave me alone mindset.

I work very hard to not be that grumpy old guy, to understand more modern views than my own, and to not immediately pass judgements on those younger than myself.  I have visited many places over the last few weeks in the shopping world from fast food to big box stores,  though there have been exceptions to the greater observation I felt like I was dealing with mindless drones who lacked the ability of polite conversation.  An example, I tried to warn a fast food window attendant that heavy rain was coming very soon, I was met with a blank look like I was talking to a porcelain doll about world peace.

At another stop while picking up a reserved order from another store, the cashier was so captivated by my last name ‘Hofmeister’ they actually had the fortitude to say, “Is that really your name? It sounds like some cheesy 80’s Name”.  I have to say I’m not a violent person, but I did visualize reaching across the counter.

Jumping back a few years, I was out to lunch with my family during a road trip.  We stopped at a nationally franchised Pizza restaurant which will remain nameless.  They had buffalo wings on the menu, so I order some to accompany my pizza.  Later into our meal the waitress asked how our meal was.  Jokingly I said I was disappointed that the Buffalo Wings were not made of real buffalo.  She Exclaimed, “Oh, I’m So Sorry Sir, I’ll go talk to the cook” and bolted to the kitchen before I could even explain.  Needless to say, a burst of laughter came from the kitchen and we ended up with a new waitress.

I just can’t understand how people can become to detached from thought and still function.  I know, It probably is the fact I’m getting older but it still should not be this easy to confuse people.

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