Lymphedema the Infection Reality

I won’t be sugar-coating or making things pleasant in this article.  I think it is very important that my readers understand the underbelly of Lymphedema.  If you feel you may be too sensitive to view actual photographs or hear the details that accompany them I do understand.

Infection of the tissues is a common issue with Lymphedema.  I am Continue reading

Hoffy editing video

Hoffy spends the day editing video for the upcoming episode

Preparing Some Materials for Recording

My voice is almost back, so I am getting materials together for the recording of The Hoffy’s Workshop Show.

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Short Video Update 9-24-2017

Hoffy pops in for a short update to show his face and what is left of his laryngitis ravaged voice.

laryngitis and the Infinite Delay

Well, some out of workshop recording was supposed to take place today, but thanks to a wonderful case of Laryngitis and other technical surprises we find ourselves stuck in yet another delay.  I’m hoping to shake this Laryngitis off by morning so we can get on with the show.  We have to reconfigure the show a bit to adjust for the unexpected technical failure of the primary project we were going to share.  Such is progress and growing pains I guess.  Be patient with us please we are trying our darndest.

Hoffy with his Son Kyle

Hoffy meets with his Son who is the newest member of the production team to discuss the final preparations for this weekends recording sessions for The Hoffy’s Workshop Show.

Washing Styrene Model Kit Parts with Dish Detergent

I pulled this model kit out this evening and I remembered my friend Ron Pare with The Modeler’s Guild once did a video on washing parts to remove the mold release used in the injection molding process.    Recalling this information I decided to go about washing the parts of this kit for later assembly.Continue reading

Screen image of script

Production of the Return Season Continues for Hoffy’s Workshop

Production & Recording Continues

We are fully underway with theThe Hoffy's Workshop Show final planning and recording phases of the first episode.  The production of the return “Season #2” has been slowed by a lot of technical issues and need to upgrade.  These upgrades have been made the best we can do on a shoe string.  We had hoped to bring The Hoffy’s Workshop Show back as a live show with direct audience interaction.  The hardware we use, bandwidth considerations, and other factors however restrict us from doing so at this time.  We are hoping to finish production within the next two weeks with a goal of sooner instead of later.

New Things to Come

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Fatigue Symptoms Related to Lymphedema

There is a great deal of debate among sufferers and professionals alike about fatigue.  The primary question being can Lymphedema be a trigger source for fatigue.  Well, I don’t know the official opinion on it but I sure know where I stand on the topic.

Being a person who has had Lymphedema now for Continue reading

After Paint Panogram

Painting the Surface and Sides of The Railroad Shelves

This afternoon I got the fortitude together to a some painting on the railroad project shelves.  I still have one area to paint but I decided not to as I still have construction ongoing below it.  This area is not shown below.

Before Painting:

I started by masking the Continue reading