Normally, on a Sunday afternoon I’d probably be chasing bugs in code,  Instead I’m chasing a stomach bug in bed.  Yah! Me..  But on with the usual tomorrow.  Hope everyone has had a great weekend 😀

Catching Up

Trying to get caught up on some of my blog writing today.  I’ve been three days pumping out my Life with Lymphedema Article. Phew…

The Working Years

So far in this column about Living with Lymphedema, I have walked you through my days in school.  Now we shall move on into my 20’s or what I call the working years.  A lot of dreams were shattered for me when it came to the downfall of my educational experience.  I had always been very computer savvy both with their use and their construction.  As many of my generation had, we set forth priming toward a career in the amazing and quickly growing world of computers in the 1990’s.

server room | by reynermedia server room | by reynermedia

Well, as you would expect reading this now, those dream jobs were not as plentiful as first hoped.  Having no diploma I of course was limited in my monetary pursuits.  I had lost touch with a lot of the people I had done computer work for when Dad died.

I did howeverContinue reading

Priming for Patreon

I’m so excited..  I have my first Patron on Patreon.  Now to start getting things set up so they can access the promised rewards and benefits on   Thank You For Your Support!!!!

Time to Make a Living

Now that things in my personal life have settled down, I can now focus on the plans I have been brewing over the last year or so.  It’s great being single again, but the money I make on my own right does not quite cover my necessary expenses.  So as a result of this, conversations with my Son, and tons of time to think I have come up with some ways to try and get my life back in shape.

Now as many of you may know from reading my Life with Lymphedema Column on, I am a disabled individual.  It does not show easily as I have learned to conceal it But remember, just because the box is not dented does not mean there are no broken parts inside.  Add on top of that the other medical trials I’ve faced over the last 10 years and you get one messed up 41 year old.

As a result (and many failed attempts to try) I am no longer able to hold many traditional types of employment or work environments.  Other than the disability benefits I get (Not Much) and the occasional payout from an odd fix it job or two I needed to come up with another opportunity.

So, I Thought instead of trying to play along with someone else’s adventure I am striving to make my own, and benefit others hard work at the same time.

The biggest of these plans is:

The Creative Vision Media Network

CVMN” is a Multi-Media Broadcasting Collective and Media Production project that I have started with my Son Kyle.  

The purpose of “CVMN” is to bring “Creators” & “Makers”, and those who enjoy producing Podcasts, Videos, & Shows together in one place, under one collective banner or “Network”.  

Each individual “Show” can have their own advertising, sponsors, whatever, that’s there business.

All we ask is that they help promote the “CVMN” Network, allow us to also post their media (With our watermark and some advertising) through our various outlets, and ask that they offer some occasional “CVMN” specific offerings and productions.   They can direct traffic to their own “YouTube” or other outlets within their media too.

We don’t want to constrain, we want us all to grow together.    As we develop, we hope to be able to offer unique show targeted advertising opportunities, sponsorship, and partnerships to participants in our network.  As well as produce our own shows & media.

Ok, Whats the Catch?

As a “Network Partner”, what’s this gonna cost me?

Cost you?  As a “Network Partner” we don’t want your money.  As a matter of a fact we are hoping to grow to a stage where we can start sharing the Network’s success with you.

Say for example:

You have a Patreon account. Well, so does “CVMN” and we not only want to use it to help our expenses, but use it to invest in yours too. “CVMN” patrons will be able to have access to media and other resources that Network Partners and “CVMN” itself offer that is exclusive to “CVMN” Patrons.  “Kinda like the Public Broadcasting Network” in a sense except we don’t intend to be a Non-Profit.

We intend on selling advertising opportunities to advertisers for “Our Shows” and offer these opportunities to you as well as a partner. “CVMN” will help to line up advertising that fits your “Show”.

An example would be:

You have a show about woodworking, well we want to help the best we can to see you get advertisements and potential sponsorship from wood working item manufacturers and suppliers.

We sell the Ad Time, take our share percentage (Still in Development) off the top of that Sale,  and invest the rest in the Patreon Accounts of our Network Partners monthly.  We also provide you with the Advertisement Media and where it needs to be placed in your production.

So, what if I want to provide “Ad-Free” media to my direct Patrons?

We say fine.  That’s your business.  As long as you are still helping to support the “CVMN” Network and providing the content for us to air with advertising, and the CVMN Branding we will never tell you what you can do with your own media for your patrons.

Of course, that may have some issues with sponsors and advertisers but ultimately it’s your choice.

The broader the range of programming we can provide as a Network the better it will benefit all of us collectively.


As a Network Supporter or Patron, What do I get?

For a monthly fee as little a minimum $1.00 a month you get access to some exclusive content and media that “CVMN” and our Partner’s provide.  The higher the tier the better the rewards.

These could be:

  • Network Only special episodes produced by our partners of the shows they already provide
  • Behind the Scenes of your Favorite “CVMN” Partner Show
  • CVMN Only Productions made specifically for our Patrons
  • And, who knows what opportunities can come from our Advertising & Sponsorship efforts (I smell Possible Discounts & Possible Freebies Here)
  • We are dreaming up all sorts of possibilities


How do I become a “CVMN” Supporter or Patron?

Click Here or on the PATREON Logo to visit our Patreon Page






The Hoffy’s Workshop Show

As my own production under the “CVMN” Banner I am beginning production of The Hoffy’s Workshop Show again.  It is my hope that in combination of my production efforts with this show as well as others we can make CVMN I great success.

The Hoffy’s Workshop Show is a separate production from the works on my Blog Site.  The Hoffy’s Workshop Show will be a more polished presentation than the free-form candid presentation I have on

On The Hoffy’s Workshop Show I will explore:

  • Electronics and Electronic Projects


  • Microcontroller, Automation, & Robotics Projects


  • Life Hacks and ways to use everyday objects to make your life easier


  • Creative Recycling – using refuse materials like old electronic parts, construction leftovers, containers, or just about anything and make it into new useful items or a means of filling a need instead of throwing it away.


  • Photography – Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy camera, when most of us have a several hundred dollar camera in our pocket.  I share photography, and may take field trips to photograph scenic or interesting places with nothing but his cellphone and the use of various software.


  • I come across some interesting things, and I may have special guests or have interviews from out and about as I travel throughout my days.


Just as with CVMN above This show has it’s own Patreon Account.  If your interested in Supporting the production of my show The Hoffy’s Workshop Show Click The PATREON Logo Below. or visit


There will be more to come I hope.

These are my efforts to support myself, and better the world.  I am also operating a Patreon for as well.  So if you want to help me support my work on it as well you have the ability.  Click The PATREON Logo. or visit

I appreciate your support of all three of these Patreon Accounts, even if it is just $1.00 a piece a month, or if you just would like to help me out by just supporting one that is ok too.  That is why I made them all separate from each other.


Thanks for all the support of any and all forms!

Too Pooped To Ponder

Boy, am I wiped out.  Not only has the miserable wet weather here today taken its toll on me, but putting my desk back together and wrangling wires has done worn me out.  But, tomorrow is a new day and after some intense clean up maybe I can get more videos out.

Dark and Quiet

You may have noticed that my workshop live cams are currently offline.  Well, that is because I have spent Sunday night rewiring my routers and the camera server area to get things untangled.  Now I have my desk all torn apart as I tackle the wiring nightmare around it.  Hopefully, everything will be back to 100% by Wednesday Night.

Network Nastiness

My ethernet network cables here in the workshop have become more of a fishing net then a network.  Things are all tangled and run in goofy directions.  Time for a rethink and rewire

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Hoffys Workshop Short Update 8 5 2017

In this short update Hoffy shares his drawer hack that will hold his drawing tablet.

Forever Encoding

I don’t recall video encoding taking this long….. hmm.