Breaker, Breaker

Now it might seem a little obscure being the digital world that surrounds me you may ask,

why on earth why would I want a C.B. Radio at my desk?

Well, it is quite simple really.  As some of my readers and long time follower know I live on a property with other members of my family.  It just so happens, my brother who resides here as well is a licensed amateur radio operator or as some call “HAM Radio Operators” though the source of where the term “HAM” came from has many different theories.  He also operates and monitors “C.B.” or Citizen Band as well.

I have installed the radio at my desk, and it will operate on an antenna the will only suffice for communications here locally.  Sometimes while testing or working on a radio he needs a receiver to tell him where adjustments need to be made, hence the radio install here in my workshop. (Plus it’s an easy way to call him in for dinner)

I still have to wire up the power and rig up an antenna, but I was quite tickled at how well it installed above my desk, I just had to share it.


All The Trimmings

Not my best of carpentry work, but it won’t look too bad after a little filling and paint, time to relax, and maybe work on some more coding.

Who turned off the lights….

Recovering from a short power outage.  Cameras are offline while I kick the gerbils and get them running again.

Lender Be

It always seems to always be the case that the tool I need is the one I lent out to a friend or relative,  but it will be here in an hour so that’s not so bad. 😀  I’m not complaining, just an observation.


All I can say is “Take Care of Your Ticker Folks”, I’m good for about 30 minutes at a time then have to take a 15 minute break.  Here’s to getting back into shape again.

Whoops I broke it…

I made a boo boo, but I fixed it.  I goofed on some things and locked up Hoffy’s World for a bit.  The downside of running a self-hosted website.

Who Wood-a Thought

Well, the first official action of model railroad construction commenced this evening with the fitting of the first board in two years.  Now to some you may say big deal. but for those who have been following me for years will understand that this is indeed a REALLY big deal. Yah Me!!

The Effort Continues

The continued adventures continue with cleaning things up, and getting things going.  I have pretty much got all the overload junk off the train shelves.  Still a few odds and ends to deal with.  The ole workshop has never looked better. I can breathe again.

Mic Check 1 2 1 2

Just finished assembling another one of my PVC Pipe Mic Booms at Kyle’s Desk.  Need to drill out a piece of wood to stabilize the base, but the pipe work is done.  If anyone whats to know how I made it just let me know.  Microphone is a “Guitar Hero” microphone from a Nintendo Wii.

Is This Thing ON??

I just about have all my LIVE Cams back online again.  The Tripod Cam is back.  It has a bit of a short so it may drop out from time to time.  It will allow me to put the camera right where I’m working so you can really see what I’m up to.