Turning of the Tides

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Many of you may have come to follow my Hoffy’s World Blog and Website over the years for my Model Railroading and Techie content.  Though I still plan on sharing my Model Railroading endeavors here, I will be transitioning this more to be my personal blog again.  I have come to a point in my life where simpler is better.  I will be now sharing my Non-Modeling related techie stuffs to the the Hoffy’s Workshop Show Website & Youtube.  Though the Hoffy’s Workshop site may still be offline at the point of this posts release it will be coming soon.

I write this as a warning that some of my posts on Hoffy’s World may cut to the quick, or be very poinent.  These are my opinions and thoughts on everything.  I will have separated content though such as my Life with Lyphedema aside blog, etc.

I have faced many challenges during this last two year stretch of my life.  I have learned that no matter how close you believe you may be to someone, or how long you have spent with that person, the image you see may be just a facade.  I say facade because what is happening in front of you is not always the reality of what is happening behind you.  I have had a great awakening to the deceptions happening around me.  A harder lesson I have come to learn is people do not change.  They may redirect themselves, they may step aside from things they have once done or vices they once had, but the inner core of the person does not change.  Mearly an example (as people take things too personally or relate things wrong now days), an Alcoholic regardless of how long they have been sober will always be an Alcoholic, A Liar will always be a Liar, A Cheater will always Cheat and the selfish will never be able to care for anything but themselves.  These of course are my personal lessons, think what you wish.

I’m no angel either, I’ve made my mistakes, and caused others misfortune in the past.  I’d take most of it back, and even apologize to some if I could.  I’m no expert in character either, as I have found out the hard way.

I have always strived to see the best in people, always been the optimist even in the worst of times.  I titled this blog entry as Turning of the Tides as I am finding my perceptions are changing.  I am getting a real dose of how people can become bitter, develop addiction, and even fall into depression.  I’m trying not to be a bitter person, I don’t have any addictions (except maybe peppermint tea and Hot Cocoa) have walked close enough to the fire to understand, and I have certainly been dealing with anxiety and depression.  The turn of tides is I will no longer be taking people on thier word.  My actions and choices will no longer the based on the choices and actions of others.

I have lead with my heart instead of my gut for many years.  What this has educated me in is the realization that all the gut feelings and intuitions I ignored were what I should have been paying attention to.

Some may find this post as a little dark, but it is my hope that the things I write will allow other to look deeply at thier own lives, wants, needs, and beliefs, and be self aware to thier own well-being.

Not all of my blog posts will be so intense.  But life for me right now is intense.

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