So much for that.. CREATE Radio Off Air

For the last two months I have been working very hard to get CREATE Radio up and running.  The deeper I got into this project and the closer I came to getting things working smoothly the higher the operating costs became.  I realized that pumping money into a project that was already closing in on $300.00 a month, Continue reading

Moving In and Moving On

It has been every bit of a year since I have made a general blog post under the Hoffy's World Banner.  There has been a significant series of life shattering and emotionally damaging events that have transpired in my life over the last two years as many of my dear friends and social media followers have known.  As I fire Hoffy's World back up again under the new flag of Creative Vision Media Network I felt the need to share a few things of my personal world and why Hoffy's World has been in the dark and under sheets.


Catching up for anyone who as not known,

I am currently in the process of divorce after 20 years of marriage.  This in itself has turned up many stones that I have had to skip out into the river.  I have been on a quest of rediscovering who I am as a person.  I have had some pitfalls along the way, and some wrong choices as well.  But, they say errors are human nature, and you can't always read a book by the cover so I have had to reassess my associations and those that I confide in. ( and yes ladies, I am single. Wink LOL )

I have also been working to improve myself on a health note.  I just completed several weeks of stressful physical therapy which has significantly improved my mobility issues.  Many of my long time followers and those who know me from the podcasts and such I made my presence in have come to know of the health issues and disability I contend with everyday.  I will be promoting awareness on that disabling condition in another blog post at a later date.


The Youtube® embed to the left is one of many songs I have been taking power in.  I have always given people 100% of myself.  I have not always received 100% back.  I am not going to settle for the least any longer, I deserve more personally, and am now getting strong enough to stand up for it.

The last mention when it comes to my personal life is more of a public service.  Depression and Anxiety are indeed real issues.  They should not be taken lightly and you should seek medical advice if you or a loved one believes you may be suffering from them.  My Son Kyle has been an absolute god-send in my life.  I can only hope everyone has someone like him in theirs.


So, with all that out and done, I think it is pretty clear why things came to a complete halt for a while.  I am now blowing off the dust cleaning up the workshop and lining up to start production of the Hoffy's Workshop Show again shortly.  As mentioned previously we are hanging our hat under a new flag known as Creative Vision Media Network or CVMN.  CVMN is a project my Son Kyle and myself have come up with as a backbone to other projects we have in mind.  One of these projects is CREATE Radio.  Hoffy's Workshop will be able to be heard on this Internet Radio project as well as seen on the CVMN Youtube® Channel (Formerly the Hoffy's World Youtube® Channel).  

CREATE Radio is a project we have taken on to create an Internet Radio Station that is comprised of content having to do with creativity.  DIY, Maker Topics, Arts, Creative Hobbies, Independent Music, and such.  We want to be a 24 Hour continuous broadcast station airing Podcasts, Live Shows, and content on creative topics.  There seems to be a lot of podcasts out there about doing things, making things, and sharing them.  Imagine what kind of world this media could become if these "Shows" came together networked under one station.  We would appreciate any support, we have set up a "GoFundMe" campaign at  This has not been cheap and we have much more to do.  I will not ramble on any further about it, you can learn more at or as always drop me an email at to learn more.

As for the Hoffy's World website.  I will slowly be restoring things like my code repositories.  I was upset to find that my GitHub® repositories had been destroyed during my sabbatical.  I should have this code in storage here locally so I am not too torn up about it.

In closing, I want to thank those who have stood beside me during these trials and tribulations.  I may not always show the open gratitude but know I hold it all very close to my heart.

Here's to Moving Forward,


Coming To CREATE Radio – Ron Pare’s – Just another Scale Modeler

Ron Pare's - "Just another Scale Modeler" Coming To CREATE Radio

We are pleased to announce that the videos from Ron Pare's well know "Just another Scale Modeler" Youtube® Channel will be joining the CREATE Radio Family in audio form.  Ron is an amazing Maker and Artist and we are honored to have him on board.

The air schedule for this content will be announced soon.

We encourage you to learn more more about "Just another Scale Modeler" as well as Ron and his other wonderful content at Ron's Youtube® page.

Hoffy’s World and The Hoffy’s Workshop Show Join the CVMN Family

Creative Vision Media Network is proud to have Hoffy's World and the Hoffy's Workshop Show on board with our new networking project.  Granted this should not come unexpected being CVMN was started by Hoffy himself.  This fact aside it is the first in many big steps that will be happening for this new CVMN  project. will be offline while transistions into a new website family structure continue, and production of the Hoffy's Workshop show will continue once is well settled in its new home.

Several social media connections that were once solely for Hoffy's World have now been converted for use by CVMN, this move was made to maintain simplicity during the changeovers.


An exact launch date for the website and the production of the show is yet to be announced. Followers of Hoffy's World can learn more at or at