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A Message To My Friends

I wanted to take a few minutes and recognize friends who have been trying to connect with me here lately. Please don’t take my lack of response personally. I’m not mad at you, or not wanting to see you.

I have been on a very dark rollercoaster ride, and recently I decided it was time to climb out and find the light. I have been doing a lot of inward focusing lately trying to get myself back on track mentally and physically. This last two years has all but destroyed me. The self defeating attitude I fell into has met its match Friday Morning when I met with my new mental health care team. The pity party ends now. There is no shame in acknowledging when you can’t pull yourself back up and that something inside you has popped a spring and lost momentum.

I am done trying to please others or conforming to what others think I should do. I spent way too much of my life adapting to others to maintain their happiness and well-being at the costs of my own. This weekend begins a new start for me, slow as it may be, the race is over and I’m driving now. I know you all have heard this from me before, but I have backup now, and new resources at my disposal that I didn’t have or acknowledge previously. Some of you here on Facebook new friends and old helped to reignite me by assuring me sometimes you just got to get help (you all know who you are) just know I am very happy and honored to have your support.

As for why I have been not returning messages. I can’t be

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Social Media Update

Keyboard Suffers Sodacide – Damaged Hardware Incident

Well, due to a misfortunate incident, involving a bottle of cream soda being dumped into the keyboard of my main unit, I’m going to be confined to the laptop for a while.  It was a purely an accident on part of my Son, and it will be a while before I can replace it.

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Living With Lymphedema

Maryland’s Health Matters - Upper Chesapeake - Winter 2018

Lymphedema Treatment Article Featuring Hoffy

As I mentioned a few months ago, I was to be featured in an article promoting the new Lymphedema Treatment Program at the University of Maryland’s Upper Chesapeake Medical Center In Bel Air, Maryland.

Eagerly awaiting its release I am proud to share it with you here on Hoffy’s World.  More information about the University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Medical Center and/or the Lymphedema Program can be found at their website at https://umuch.org/.

Lymphedema is a disease I have fought for most of my life.  Through my childhood, such treatments as are offered now were not even thought about let alone available.  I can only imagine where my health would be today if such programs would have existed in the Harford County community then, and I am proud to place my trust and endorsement with this program and with the wonderful staff that works very hard at running it with great care and dedication to their patients.  If you are a Lymphedema sufferer in the Harford County,  Maryland Area I implore you to follow-up with your physician about seeking treatment through this program.


Current Projects

W.A.R.P. Workshop Automation & Reporting Protocol

W.A.R.P. Workshop Automation & Reporting Protocol

Project Board Photo

W.A.R.P.’s purpose is to provide a network-based GUI to control various components around the workshop. Sometimes, I will retire upstairs and forget to turn something off. W.A.R.P. will allow for me to not only have local control via a manual switch but also the ability to override that switch via the GUI remotely.

Example: Main Workshop Lights are left on. Even though the manual light switch is turned on, I will be able to tell those lights to turn off through the GUI. Once returning to the Workshop, by turning the manual Switch OFF and then ON again will reactivate the lights locally.

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